"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be".

-Thomas Jefferson


Economic Freedom

A community is enriched and prosperous when grounded in the principles of economic freedom. True capitalism, free markets, and low regulation provide the formula to enable prosperity for the largest number of citizens.

Natural Resources

There are few indicators of the moral character of a man and society than the manner in which he or she cares for the life sustaining gifts of nature. It is first incumbent upon us to act responsibly as individuals and secondly to protect through law. 


Public Safety 


Proper training for law enforcement officers


Allocate resources to the areas of greatest need while streamlining waste


Assist in criminal justice reform 


Our greatest source of safety is each other. Community policing, in a spirit of cooperation and trust, brings security to our neighborhoods.  Properly trained law enforcement officers effectively evaluate situations, and respond with appropriate levels of action. Good police work expands safety by honoring individual rights, working in our communities to identify and stop crime, while building a respect and honor for both citizen and officer. I look forward to working with the Sheriff's office to help them continue the great work they are doing in these areas. 




Future Development 








Growth is inevitable, prosperous growth is planned.


From the large overall development plan, to the nuts and bolts of managing, water recourses, transportation needs, land use, personal property rights, commercial development, conservation, environmental protection, all while preserving our quality of life is a juggling act. To keep the balls moving in harmony we must:


Work with the municipalities and zoning departments to create areas of quality housing, agricultural production, business hubs and readily available retailers and education centers. 


Develop long term transportation infrastructure within our budget fully utilizing growth factors without increasing tax burdens. 


Recognize the safest and most affordable food source is local and protect the fertile areas of the county that can grow that food source. 


Develop natural resources responsibly and in harmony with our core values as stewards of the land while protecting our heritage and the open spaces we all love.